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Decorative Concrete Fair

Decorative Concrete Fair

Come watch PolishedCrete work on a 15'x30' slab for 3 days!

Master one of the most popular processes using the most innovative materials on
the market. Over 3 days, the skilled tradesmen at PolishedCrete will demonstrate different finishes, grinding and honing, slab repair, and more. Learn the full process, from untouched slab to a pristine, hardwearing surface.

Polishedcrete Logo

Bay Area Concretes, Inc. is the premier decorative and polished concrete contracting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Under their PolishedCrete division, they have polished concrete for some of the largest companies and largest projects in the area. Bay Area Concretes has been serving their customers for 50 years, establishing PolishedCrete in 1999. BAC is a member of the Decorative Surface Solutions Group.

PolishedCrete has polished floors for companies such Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Simon Malls. They are responsible for polished concrete surfaces around Northern California, including Levi Stadium, Stanford Mall, and many more. PolishedCrete is winner of the 2015 Concrete Surfaces Polished Concrete Award. They have been featured in Concrete Contractor magazine. 

At the Decorative Concrete Fair, PolishedCrete will have a crew demonstrating polished concrete using Lythic products. As one of the most successful and well respected polished concrete contractors in the industry, Bay Area Concretes has a great deal to teach.

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Lythic Polishing Demo

James Garland and Tom Collupy from Solomon Colors are killing it with their Lythic Polishing Demos. Stop by for more information on our complete line of Lythic Polishing Products.

Polished Concrete Summary


Polished Concrete Summary

Polished concrete is leading the way when it comes to architecturally specified floor finishes. The many unique features of polished concrete floors are attracting more than just architects and designers. Home owners have placed polished concrete as one of the most desirable and must have flooring surfaces. The high demand for polished concrete floors over the past ten years has resulted in advanced techniques, tools, and materials creating faster and more consistent results to meet the expectations of the residential and architectural community.


Concrete is a fundamental building block in almost every construction project, whether new construction or re-modeling of an existing building. As rigorous standards for sustainable green building continue to rise, and the construction industry's quest for environmentally responsible construction continues, finding affordable, sustainable building materials is becoming a necessity for new construction and renovation projects. Natural, durable, beautiful, and sustainable, polished concrete ticks all the right boxes from every aspect.

Sustainability aims to reduce the environmental impact of construction, including environmental, economic, and social benefits. Sustainable building practices take advantage of renewable resources, bringing together a vast array of practices, techniques, skills, and materials to reduce the impacts of construction on the environment and long-term performance of the project.