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Lythic Cleaner

Cleaning is necessary to remove grit and dirt that might become abrasive and compromise stain protection. Lythic Cleaner cleans and bonds additional silica to the concrete surface to further improve resistance to abrasion and liquid penetration. It is chemically matched to other Lythic products and is a mild, yet effective, suitable for everyday use. 
•    Simplifies Maintenance
•    Maintains and Replenishes Protection
•    Removes Abrasives During Cleaning
•    Adds Silica During Cleaning
•    No Rinsing Required
•    Water-Based and Environmentally Friendly
•    Mild, Safe, and Non-Corrosive
•    Concentrate and Ready-To-Use formulas 

Lythic Cleaner TIS

Lythic Cleaner SDS