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The Lythic HardWear Floor is a cost-effective alternative to diamond polishing.

Please take a moment to watch our video to learn about the HardWear Floor process:

Diamond polishing produces a beautiful, durable floor, but it is a labor intensive, consumable-intensive process that can exceed some budgets. Lythic has developed a lower-cost, high-performance alternative that takes advantage of the unique properties of Lythic Densifier. It makes a floor with a near-polished appearance, and all of the polished concrete performance advantages:

  • Durable
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly upkeep
  • Long service life

The Lythic HardWear Floor is based on a double treatment of Lythic Reactive Colloidal Silica densifiers. It can be applied to new, hard-troweled floors, or to existing slabs with light grinding. The first treatment, with standard Lythic Densifier, bonds silica particles of about 5-nanometer size to the concrete. This base layer forms a bonding surface (or landing pad) for a special version of the densifier, Lythic XL, with silica particles of about 45-nanometer size. These larger particles quickly build up density in the surface and may actually fill in finer scratch patterns.


When this newly-made, high-silica surface is burnished, it produces a near-polished gloss. It eliminates two or three diamond-polishing passes, saving on the costs of both labor and diamond tooling. After stain protection, a 100-grit grind can resemble an 800-grit polish. It has all the performance properties of a polished concrete floor, and similar low maintenance requirements.


The protocol is simple:

  • Existing slabs can be ground to remove residues and honed to 100-grit. New, hard-troweled floors can simply be screened for cleaning – no grinding necessary.
  • Densify with Lythic Densifier.
  • Clean
  • Densify again with Lythic XL Densifier
  • Burnish with black stripper pad on high speed burnishing machine. Gloss appears.
  • Stain protect with Lythic Protector.
  • Burnish to enhance curing and gloss.