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Maintaining Polished Concrete

Proper care for densified and polished concrete floors requires frequent, thorough cleaning to remove contaminants and abrasive elements from the surface. Lythic™ Cleaner is formulated specifically to clean polished concrete and to fortify the surface with colloidal silica with each application. It is a concentrated formula; 3 to 4 ounces to a gallon of water is normal strength.


Cleaning Methods

Using an “auto scrubber” machine, apply cleaner with white polishing pad or fine grit diamond pad. Move slowly to allow cleaner to emulsify and pick up dirt. Extremely soiled floors may need longer dwell time for the cleaner to work. Mop cleaning is not recommended, but is possible. It requires rinsing and frequent changes of rinse water.



Periodic polishing with a high speed burnisher and a fine diamond grit polishing pad may increase the shine.


Etch Repairs

Light etching from contact with acid materials will reduce polished shine and may leave white areas. These areas can be repolished with fine diamond grit polishing pads. Sealing with Lythic™ Protector and burnishing will help protect against acid etching and prolong the shine of a polished concrete floor.