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A new breed of cementitious overlays has gained rapid acceptance over the past two years.  These fine-grained, self-leveling products can make beautiful floors with minimal thickness buildup.  However, they are not fully compatible with conventional densifiers.

Lythic Densifier with Reactive Colloidal Silica solves the problem, and makes cementitious overlays richly, elegantly polishable.  The new overlays are made with specialty cements – not ordinary portland cement –  and have much lower lime content than concrete.  Silicate densifiers depend on lime to react.  They do not perform well with specialty cement overlays.

Reactive Colloidal Silica, by contrast, bonds tightly to silica, including silica in the specialty cements and the silica-sand aggregates of the overlay.  The result is a glossy, fine-grained, homogenous surface unlike any other material.


Polished Overlay System with Combi Mix L920 Wear Topping:

  1. Prep Existing substrate and pour Combmix L920 wear topping to a ¼” minimum thickness.
  2. After 24 hours, apply Lythic Densifier with pump sprayer and back roll with a thin nap microfiber roller.
  3. Do not allow to puddle.
  4. When dry, at least an hour, polish with medium grit and a fine grit diamond pad.
  5. Apply Lythic SPD Protector with a microfiber roller in two thin applications.
  6. After 24 hours burnish with a hogs hair pad.